The aim of the research project is to elucidate ultrafast energy and charge transfer dynamics in organic molecules relevant for photovoltaic applications. Examples of processes to be studied include electron transfer, exciton migration, singlet-fission and exciton annihilation. For this task, we are seeking for a postdoctoral candidate with either theoretical or experimental physics/chemistry background to work on either of the following aspects:


Developing and performing ultrafast spectroscopy experiments, including coherent multidimensional spectroscopy, of liquid and solid phase samples.

or Theory:

Development and application of theoretical methods, including advanced electronic structure theory and quantum dynamical approaches.

These projects will provide an important cross-link between other, strongly related research projects of the RTG, comprising multidimensional spectroscopy of gaseous model systems [1,2], cooperative effects in molecular nanosystems [3] as well as theoretical studies of ultrafast vibronic dynamics [4,5] and charge transport [6] in molecules and interfaces. A lively exchange and support of the participating experimental and theory groups within the RTG is thus expected, providing an ideal scientific environment for an early stage researcher to develop the project and her/his scientific career.

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