A Photoionization and ultrafast dynamics

A1 Quantum interference spectroscopy in the XUV domain

A2 Coincidence spectroscopy of cold molecular gas targets

A3 Photoelectron spectroscopy and attosecond dynamics in clusters

A 4 Dynamics of doped helium droplets from velocity-map-imaging ion and electron spectroscopy

A5 Molecular photoionization dynamics

A6 X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of state-controlled transition elements

B Particle interactions and cold chemistry

B1 Quantum simulations of exotic electron transfer reactions

B2 Coherent control of chemical reactions in the phase domain

B3 Towards the sympathetic cooling of methyl radicals

B4 Atom Ion interaction in optical traps

B5 Experimental Quantum simulations of exotic electron transfer reactions

C Excitation and charge transfer dynamics in larger molecular systems

C 1 Ultrafast multidimensional spectroscopy of photovoltaic model systems

C2 Theory of multiple quantum coherence signals in dilute thermal gases

C3 Ultrafast electron dynamics in gas phase acene clusters

C4 Numerical search for free energy minima of acene clusters

C5 Photo-activated processes and charge transfer in aggregates of organic molecules attached to rare gas clusters

C 6 Photoinduced charge and energy transport in molecular systems