The successful candidate will contribute to the research field of ultra-cold interaction and controlled quantum physics/chemistry. We realized trapping durations of atoms and ions in an optical dipole trap for several seconds and the confinement of linear Coulomb crystals in absence of any radio-frequency (rf) fields. This allows circumventing the fundamental limitations in conventional Hybrid traps set by rf driven heating.  Recently we demonstrated the onset of sympathetic cooling of an ion emerged into the atomic ensemble in an all-optical trap.The approach is intended to reach several orders of magnitude lower temperatures compared to state of the art, to permit the control on the level of individual quanta and to provide insight into the regime where quantum effects dominate the dynamics. Candidates should have experience or strong interest in atomic or quantum optical physics, preferably with a background in laser cooling and trapping neutral or charged particles. (T. Schaetz, K. Madison)

Research group of Prof. Schaetz