Plasmonic resonances in metal nanoparticles and clusters decays on ultrafast timescales, which can be as short as a few femtoseconds. Attosecond technology offers the opportunity to resolve the dynamics of this process, thus gaining information on the collective electronic response to an external field. Towards this goal, an attosecond source (isolated and train of pulses), will be combined with a cluster source. A few-cycle pules will induce a plasmonic resonance in the target, which will be ten probed by photoelectron spectroscopy using an isolated attosecond pulse. The angular and energy resolved distribution of the photoelectrons will be measured using a velocity map imaging spectrometer for different delays between the infrared and attosecond pulses. The final goal is to determine the timescale for the decay of the plasmonic resonance for different cluster sizes. (G. Sansone)

Research group of Prof. Sansone