University of Freiburg

Institute of Physics

Experimental Attosecond and Strong Field Physics


Ioannis is involved in several projects in Attosecond and Strong Field Physics group of Prof. Sansone. Mainly focus on time resolved studies of electronic correlation in atoms and molecules with sub-femtosecond resolution. Attosecond pulses can be used to trigger, observe and control electronic motion in the valence and core-shell levels giving insight to processes such as charge migration, bond breaking, dissociation and isomerization.

The main research activities that Ioannis is involved, aim to study electron-electron correlation and electron-nuclear couplings that occur in simple quantum systems with a time resolution down to few tens of attoseconds by implementing attosecond photoelectron interferometry and recording in coincidence the electrons and the ions arising from the photoionization. Two different approaches, which rely on state of the art attosecond light sources and detectors along with photoelectron interferometry schemes, are followed to investigate these dynamics.

In the framework of the first approach, attosecond photoelectron interferometry combined with coincidence spectroscopy is utilized to investigate the polarization effects on the angle-resolved photoionization time delays in polar molecules. These activities are based in the attosecond laboratory of the group of Prof. Sansone at the University of Freiburg. The second approach consists of performing kinematically complete experiments on two-XUV-photon double ionization in He and H2 with attosecond time resolution, implementing an attosecond XUV pump – attosecond XUV probe configuration. These experimental campaigns will take place in the research facility of Extreme Light Infrastructure – Attosecond Light Pulse Source, in Hungary.