Tuesday 5 pm (Freiburg) / 8 am (Vancouver)

31.05.2022 – Ian MacPhail-Bartley & Ketty Na

Ian MacPhail-Bartley, UBC Vancouver

Chair: Valery Milner

Ketty Na, UBC Vancouver

Chair: Davis Jones

26.04.2022 – Eric Brunner & Cristian Medina Hernandez

Eric Brunner, University of Freiburg

Many-body coherence and entanglement from randomized correlation measurements

Chair: Andreas Buchleitner / Christoph Dittel

Cristian Medina Hernandez, University of Freiburg

Strong-field nanoplasma ignition of doped He clusters using extreme light sources.“

Chair: Frank Stienkemeier

05.04.2022 – Samuel Kellerer

Samuel Kellerer, University of Feiburg

„Nonlinear Attosecond XUV Coincidence Spectroscopy“

Chair: Giuseppe Sansone

29.03.2022 – Ioannis Makos

Ioannis Makos, University Freiburg

Probing electronic correlation with attosecond XUV pulses using a Reaction Microscope

Chair: Giuseppe Sansone

22.03.2022 – Mathieu Isoard

Mathieu Isoard, University Freiburg

Analogue gravity in a nutshell

Chair: Andreas Buchleitner

15.03.2022 – Timur Tscherbul

Timur Tscherbul

„Robust nuclear spin entanglement via electric dipolar interactions in polar molecules“

Chair: Roman Krems / UBC

08.03.2022 – Olesya Ablyasova & Moritz Michelbach

Olesya Ablyasova

„Electronic states of manganese oxide and calcium manganese oxide clusters“

Chair: Tobias Lau

Moritz Michelbach

„Cluster isolation spectroscopy of polyacenes“

Chair: Frank Stienkemeier

01.03.2022 – Max Flach & Dominik Lentrodt

Max Flach

„Diatomic gas phase iron halide cations, a model system to reveal chemical shifts beyond the oxidation state“

Chair: Tobias Lau

Dominik Lentrodt

„X-ray quantum optics with Mössbauer nuclei“

Chair: Andreas Buchleitner

15.02.2022 – R.K. Kathir

R. K. Kathir

„Theoretical studies on dynamics of spin-states in singlet fission“

Chair: Michael Thoss

08.02.2022 – Aleksandr Demianenko and Sarang Dev Ganeshamandiram

Aleksandr Demianenko

Photo-activated processes and charge transfer in aggregates of organic molecules attached to rare gas clusters

Chair: Frank Stienkemeier

Sarang Dev Ganeshamandiram 

Extreme ultraviolet wavepacket interferometry using table-top high harmonic generation

Chair: Lukas Bruder

01.02.2022 – Barbara Merzuk and Andreas Woitzik

Barbara Merzuk

Investigating the formation of multi charger Krypton ions in resonant and non-resonant Auger decay“

Chair: Giuseppe Sansone

Andreas Woitzik

Quantum state preparation in a micromaser

Chair: Andreas Buchleitner

25.01.2022 – Daniel Hönig and Aaron Ngai

Daniel Hönig

Trapping Barium Ions and Ion-Coulomb-Crystals with Optical Fields

Chair: Tobias Schätz/Amir Mohammadi

Aaron Ngai 

Coherent control of molecularphotoionization at the FERMI Free-Electron-Laser“

(Chair: Frank  Stienkemeier)

18.01.2022 – Friedemann Landmesser and Fabian Thielemann

Friedemann Landmesser

Multiple-quantum fluorescence signals in thermal alkali vapors

Chair: Frank Stienkemeier

Fabian Thielemann 

Ultracold interaction between a single Barium ion and an atomic gas of Lithium“

Chair: Tobias Schätz

11.01.2022 – Meet & Greet / Tobias Sixt

Tobias Sixt 

Quantum-state-controlled Penning collisions between metastable helium and lithium atoms

Chair: Katrin Erath