University of Freiburg

Institute of Physics

Experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics


Cluster effects and Cationic Dissaciation Processes-Experiments at the Free-Electron-Laser FERMI

Here we design, collaborate with, and participate in a multitude of projects, which include diverse topics such as time-resolution of molecular cluster dynamics, and coherent control of atomic/molecular systems. All our projects require the unique characteristics of the free-electron laser FERMI at Elettra in Trieste. In particular, the tuneability and coherence of FEL radiation allows us to design and perform experiments using pump-probe techniques, where two time-delayed laser pulses can induce and probe phenomena occurring on the femtosecond time scale. In combination with detection techniques such as time-of-flight and velocity-map imaging at the Low-Density-Matter (LDM) endstation, we resolve processes such as molecular dynamics, formation of a nanoplasma, dynamics of a molecular cluster and so forth. We are currently focused on the time-resolution of H2-roaming processes [1] in small organic molecules.

[1] Ekanayake et al. Nature Comm. 9, 5186 (2018)